Tank Inspections

Proven, safe inspection methods for most any application.

Tank Inspections?

NWTLI utilizes many safe, Non-Destructive testing methods such as the STI SP001 Inspection Standard, and the FT&V RP 2007-1 Inspection Standard. We can also perform Man-Entry UST Inspections, coupled with BARCOL/Shore D Hardness Testing and Ultrasonic Thickness Testing.

With over 50 years experiance in multiple states across the Country, we can provide the most complete, and cost effective solutions for you to keep your facility spotless.

Services we provide

We constantly strive to provide the highest quality service and applications. If you have a question on a service you dont see listed below, please contact us. Theres a chance that we can provide this service, or we already provide it.

  • Non-entry Digital Inspections via Remote Cameras
  • Man-entry visual UST Interior Lining Inspections; No Remote Cameras
  • BARCOL/Shore D Hardness
  • Ultrasound Thickness (UT) test
  • Magnetic Flux Testing (Tank Bottoms)
  • Vacuum Box (Weld Seams)
  • AST STI SP001 Inspections
  • AST FT&V RP 2007-1 Inspections
  • IBC Inspections and Testing
  • NACE II Inspections
  • ASNT II Inspections
  • NFPA 25 Inspections, Testing and Maintenance
  • We can also handle your API 653, API 620 and API 570 Inspections!

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