Industrial Protective Linings & Coatings

Interior Protective Linings

NWTLI installs an EPA approved high-build Epoxy for the corrosion protection of steel, fiberglass, concrete or aluminum USTs and ASTs. The interior linings will give you the peace of mind that your tanks will be protected from corrosion for decades.

Exterior Protective Coatings

NWTLI applies an Air-Quality-Control approved Macro-poxy to the exterior of ASTs. The exterior coating will protect your ASTs from the most extreme elements, while also making them aesthetically pleasing to the surroundings.

Secondary Containment Coatings

NWTLI provides several solutions for secondary containment coatings depending on the product stored in the primary containment. We work with suppliers that have coatings products for all types of petroleum, chemical, and wastewater storage. Highly secure secondary containment is a very important measure to protect the environment, plus it will keep you in compliance with your regulatory agencies.

With all protective coatings and linings, NWTLI takes extreme due care and diligence to properly prepare the surface for installation and application to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the lining or coating.

NWTLI constantly strives to provide the highest quality linings and coatings on the following:

  • UST Interior Linings
  • AST Interior Linings (Bottom Linings or Full Linings)
  • AST Exterior Coatings
  • Secondary Containment Coatings
  • Tanker Truck and Trailer Linings
  • Wastewater Manholes and Wet Wells

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