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Quality work, competitive prices

As a full-service company, NW Tank Lining & Inspection provides the highest quality tank lining inspection & restoration services in the industry. We provide these services to a broad range of clients, from single owner convenience stores to large corporations. We have highly skilled and certified technicians who provide a 24/7, 365 day service response.

Our senior foremen and project managers have over 100 years of combined experience in safety, inspecting, restoring, and lining of USTs and ASTs. Our experience extends to such industries as wood, paper, chemical, fuel, oil and food processing, just to name a few.


Tank Lining Consulting and Services

We provide cost effective solutions to our customers, large and small, who operate in an ever changing regulatory environment. As a company, we pride ourselves as being an industry leader in safety compliance; not just for our valued employees, but for our clients and our environment as well. We have for years had a reputation for bringing projects to completion safely, on time, within budget and right the first time. Our customers appreciate and value contracting with a company that deals with its clients, large and small, with honesty and integrity, combined with the expertise, knowledge and assurance of full regulatory compliance with all federal, state, and local agencies.


Field Experienced Technicians

Over 50 years of expert work

There are a variety of UST’s in the market today, single and double walled, with steel or fiberglass being the most common. NWTLI has completed thousands of UST tank inspections and lining projects over the last 30-50 years and is a noted industry leader in the field. Our highly trained crews complete projects in a professional manner on time and within budget.


Compliance Testing

NWTLI has many testing and certification services! If your site is need of compliance testing, we can help you. We have qualified field personel with over 15 years in the speciality world of Compliance Testing.


Services that set us apart in the industry

Modern, ever changing regulations require you to keep up with state of the art services such as

Compliance Analysis

Historical data allows us to view your sites potential issues and give you suggestions on future compliance.

Instant communication

We strive to be availabe by all methods to handle your questions. Email, telephone, text, etc.

Modern chemistry

Staying up to date with the most modern high tech coatings, we can provide the longest lasting, most cost effective coatings.

Fast Turnaround

Most reports are available less than 24 hours after site visit.

Clear, concise reports

The highest quality reports coupled with the most amount of easy to read data.

Secure Report Web Hosting

Log in 24/7 to view reports on your facility. Requires NWTLI Compliance Package.

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